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Ashanti Paramount chief Otumfuo Osei Tutu ll in well-designed kente cloth to climax celebrations of specific achievements and milestones of the people of the Ashanti kingdom during the Adae Kese festival.

Time of Year: Between July and October
Area: Ashanti Region

The Akwasidae, also known as the Adae Kese holiday, is a greatly revered and significant holiday for the people of Ghana’s Ashanti Region. At this point, the rich cultural history of the Ashanti people is made visible to everyone.  

Many people from all walks of life visit the event to join the locals in their celebration. 

A celebration called Adae Kese is held to commemorate turning points in the history of the Ashanti Kingdom. Its first celebration took place when the Ashanti kingdom attained sovereignty following its victory over the Denkyiras in the Battle of Feyiase, also known as the Ashanti Independence War.  

The Adae kese celebration, which follows the Akan calendar and is held every six weeks, is made up of enlarged versions of Sunday Adae feasts, hence the name Akwasidae.

During the Adae Kese festival, the Ashanti people’s rich cultural legacy is on display. The festival provides a time to reflect on the activities that have taken place over the period under review.  

There are two sections to the celebration. There is a solemn ceremony that is private and is observed by selected members of the royal family in the chief’s palace. Many kinds of ceremonies are carried out to purge the land of any evil. Additionally, the King’s spirit is purified, and the ceremonial feast and drinks are offered to the ghosts of their ancestors. As they carry out their tasks, they ask for their direction and defense of the populace. They ask for the kingdom to flourish, grow, and become more powerful than it has ever been.  

The Adae Kese Festival demonstrates the Ashanti people’s deep trust in their culture and traditions. These celebrations emphasize the excellent principles of such a great nation, who believe that strength comes from unity.