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About one and a half hours’ journey west of Takoradi, close to the border town of Elubo, is where you’ll find the Ankasa-Nini-Suhien National Park and Resource Reserve. With almost 300 plant species per hectare, this 490km2 of pristine wet evergreen forest is a region of outstanding biological beauty and variety. Its 43 mammal species include the endangered West African chimpanzee, the endemic Diana Monkey, forest elephants, bongos, and 10 kinds of primates. Parrots, hornbills, and the unique white-fronted guinea fowl are just a few of the abundant bird species. In fact, the Ankasa Resource area has been named an International Biosphere Reserve to act as a scientific nature museum.

Ankasa also has hiking paths, trees and twines with amazing formations, river cascades, a “Bamboo Cathedral,” and lodges designed to make visitors bedfellows with nature. It boasts unusual plants and damp rainforest air. Visitors are encouraged to bring raincoats because the weather in the area is erratic. Axim, Jewi Wharf, Elubo, Busua, and Cape Three Points are a few local beach resort communities from which one can go to this location.