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Daboya Textile Centre

North Gonja’s district capital is Daboya, which is located about 60 kilometers (km) west of Tamale on the Nyankpala/Tolon route.
It is one of the most distinctive artisan towns in all of West Africa and has a special place in Ghana’s historical textile sector.
It is a town famous for its distinctive traditional smock (fugu) weaving, which involves going through several stages of production before reaching its best level.
The bulk of 20,000 people, who reside in a region with 46 settlements, specialize in smock weaving.

The smock weaving business has faced many difficulties, but the government has committed to investing in and promoting the sector.
The development of concepts that would result in a blueprint for a craft center to be constructed for all smock weavers from Daboya, Yendi, and Tamale is being led by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).
Daboya is the only town in our country that has produced the original and best smock (Fugu) thus far in history.