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Butre is a small fishing village located on a sheltered bay by a forest, between the communities of Busua and Asemkaw, within the southwest of Takoradi, the Western regional capital. Now home to nearly 400 inhabitants, largely from the Ahanta ethnic group, Butre was among the early historical towns generated by 17th-century inter-European and inter-African conflict.
Within the community is the the1656-constructed Fort Batenstein, situated on a hill, with its magnificent views of the surrounding village, coast, lagoon, rock formations, forest, fields, and hills. The village has a Town Tourism Development Committee and a tourist information booth with able tour guides on hand to show visitors around and provide tourist information.
One of the earliest historical towns in Western Ghana
The home of the Fort Batenstein
Aside from it being covered and surrounded by green plants, it has a wonderful seashore.