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Kumasi Zoo

Kumasi Zoo is another name for Kumasi Zoological Gardens.
The Kumasi zoo is home to over 35 different species of animals, all of which are indigenous to Ghana and Africa. from the famed Grasscutter, African Grey Parrot, Nile Crocodile, and African Lions.
If you are looking for a day excursion from wherever you are traveling from or if you are already in Kumasi, the zoo is a fun spot to come and see with the whole family.

The Kumasi Zoo’s facilities are also used for field studies and scientific research. Researchers look at how animals interact with people and other animals, as well as how diseases spread. In order to prevent endangered animal species from going extinct due to timber cutting, hunting, and other human activities, zoos are also employed as breeding facilities. The major goal of breeding programs is to eventually release animals back into the wild when it is safe to do so.