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Lake Bosumtwi

The only genuine inland lake in the nation is Lake Bosomtwi, which is situated in the Ashanti region. The lake, which is 500-1,400 feet [150-425 meters] above sea level, is surrounded by beautiful mountains and nourished by little streams that cascade down the crater’s steep sides.
The round lake known as Bosomtwi was created by a meteor impact one million years ago. The sides climb sharply and are covered in bushes and trees. There are many towns nearby, mostly rural and fishing communities, but there are also some places to stay. The Ashanti Region’s Lake Bosumtwi, occasionally written Bosomtwi, was created by a prehistoric meteorite strike.

A boat excursion on the lake may be arranged at the information center, where you can also learn more about the lake and conservation initiatives. For a few cedis, if you’re lucky, someone will open one or two coconuts for you.
The lake offers boat trips, swimming, and hiking opportunities. Around Lake Bosomtwi, there are several hospitable communities. Sacred places around towns and some fantastic walks up into the hills are also available.
The settlements have reportedly been forced to move up the hillside as a result of Lake Bosomtwi’s water level continuing to increase.