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Mognori Village

Mognori which translates as “riverbank”, mognori is a farming village essentially created 10 years ago to offer the local community a chance to get involved in the tourist activity surrounding the park and use the proceeds to help develop the village and better their lives. Homes are made of mud and ceilings with bamboo and straw.
A family compound is usually formed of a series of traditional mud huts surrounding a common yard.
Roofs can be made flat or cone-like depending on the preference of the owner. Flat-roofed huts have many uses, including sleeping on the roof when it gets too hot inside and sun-drying crops such as chilis. Playing drums is as much a way of communicating than celebrating in the village. The current residents are descendants of a Moshi hunter who settled on Murugu land before the slave raids of the 18th century. The village is rich with the traditions of the Hanga clan.
The Mognori community
A cultural group within the community
A family compound in the Mognori community