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Pikworo Slave Camp

The Pikworo Slave camp was founded in 1704 and was active until 1845. It is located in Paga Nania, about 3 kilometers west of Paga in the Upper East Region of Ghana. It was originally developed as a slave transit center by a said Burkina but Ghana-based National, where slaves were auctioned, later resold in the Salaga Slave market after walking about 150 km to the south. They were later moved through other slave yards to the coast for shipment.
Man-made scoops of rocks served as eating plates or bowls for slaves at the camp. The larger the size of the scoop the higher the number of slaves to eat from the scoop. A gash in a large rock at the camp served as a source of water for cooking and other things that required the use of water.
This is a rock on which slaves were punished to serve as a deterrent to others from escaping.
A gash on a large rock at the camp that served as a source of water.
A rock designed to signify the struggle and freedom as well as the end to slavery.