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The Accra Mall, located on the Spintex road adjacent to the Tema Motorway and 2.5 miles to the Kotoka International Airport, is an enclosed, fully air-conditioned shopping center that has 20,000 square meters of retail space with parking for over 900 cars. It is one of the most modern shopping malls in West Africa and the first large-scale shopping center in Ghana. The Accra Mall accommodates 65 line-shops of which 30% are operated by Ghanaian retailers. It showcases a food court operated by international franchises such as Barcelos, Ocean Sting, and Rhapsodies.

Accra Mall is anchored by two South African retail giants: Shoprite, a food retail enterprise that occupies 3,500 square meters of retail space and carries over 2000 items on its shelves; and Game Stores, which carries household goods and electronics and occupies 5,000 square meters of space. The Mall also showcases a media store that carries CDs, DVDs, and electronic games, and a five-screen cinema theatre complex operated by Silverbird, complementing the eateries and retail activities and making the mall a state-of-the-art retail and tourist destination. The mall also houses YFM, a popular radio station in Ghana.

The Achimota Retail Centre is a shopping center located at Dome near the St. John’s Grammar School, along the Accra—Nsawam Highway in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. The shopping center is owned by Delico Achimota Limited, the same group that is the majority shareholder of West Hills Mall. The structure is a US$60 million investment which sits on a total land area of 35,790m² of which 14 622m² constitutes the trading space whereas the other area constitutes a large parking space including an underground parking lot which holds over 250 cars.

It consists of over 45 shops including Shoprite and Palace being the biggest tenants in the facility. The Achimota Retail Centre is one of the biggest malls in Ghana and the number one retail mall in Dome, the Ga West District. Stores at the Achimota Mall range from banks, telecom retail, service shops, and restaurants. Others are fashion shops, grocery shops, and stores selling electronic items.  Top shops here include Shoprite, Palace, Mr. Price, Compughana, MTN, Nallem Clothing, and Food Inn. Special extensions can be made on holiday to allow holiday shoppers ample time around the facility.

The Art Center houses the largest concentration of traders in artifacts across Ghana, with dozens of stalls specializing in products like talking drums, leather bags from as far away as Mali, wooden dolls and sculptures, as well as a gallery housing the work of local Ghanaian artists. Located a few meters from the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, the official name is Centre For National Culture, but everyone calls it the Art Centre.

There is an art gallery, which sells traditional handicrafts from all over Ghana at reasonable prices. There is a never-ending array of goods in numerous stalls that you may not even be able to shop.

Kaneshi Markets Limited is a trading center in Kaneshie, Accra, Ghana. Built-in 1970s, the name “Kaneshie” means “under the lamp,” referring to its beginnings as a night market. In character, it’s very much like Makola Market, sprawl chaos of stalls, shops, and street vendors. Everything you could possibly imagine can be bought here. It’s also an important transport hub, with trotro’s and regional buses picking up and dropping off passengers. However, if you are keen to see a market purely for the experience (and it really is an experience), Makola is more accessible.

The Kumasi City Mall is located in Asokwa, a suburb of Kumasi also known as the Garden City on the confluence of Lake Bosomtwe Road, Yaa Asantewa Road, and Hudson Street. The mall sits on a total land area of 15.4 acres and has a gross lettable area of 18,500 square meters. The Kumasi City Mall has a total car parking capacity of over 1,000 bays on-grade and under the basement. It is the first of its kind in the city. The mall is one of the biggest malls in West Africa, best stocked, and the trendiest shopping destination in Kumasi and across the entire Ashanti Region.

The Mall is anchored on its two ends by two well established retail operators in Ghana, namely Shoprite and Game, and has 60 line shops offering goods and services in all retail categories: grocery and foodstuffs, lifestyle, beauty and wellness, electronics and telecommunications, budget and designer fashion and clothing. Other categories are pharmaceuticals, gifts, and high-value jewelry, banking, and financial services, Cinema, restaurants and eateries, entertainment and children’s games, and recreation centers.

Makola Market was constructed in Accra in 1924 and stood at the heart of urban Ghanaian life. The market is a renowned market place and shopping district in the center of the city of Accra, the capital of Ghana. A wide array of products are sold in the markets and its surrounding streets, from car parts to land snails. Dominated by women traders, the market sells fresh produce, manufactured and imported foods, clothes, shoes, tools, medicines, pots, and pans. Jewelry made from locally handcrafted beads can also be found for sale on the market. About 25% of the 70% market women are employed in the Makola market.

The market is the main wholesale and retail marketplace in Accra, the epicenter of trade in the country, and one of the nation’s most important social and cultural institutions. The area is currently a car park accurately called “Rawlings Square”. Makola Market, also known as 31 December Market, is located next to the Kwame Nkrumah memorial park over the High Street and is bound by Kinbu, Thorpe Road (which becomes Kojo Thompson Avenue to the North), and Pagan Road. For tourists, the closeness of these tourist sites is a plus. When visiting Makola Market, keep in mind that photography at the market might not be allowed. Please ask for permission, especially when taking pictures of people.

Takoradi Mall is the only modern shopping center in the whole of Western and Central Regions with local and international brands. Takoradi Mall is anchored by Shoprite and complete with a wide variety of fashion and service outlets, children’s play area, family entertainment, electronics, photoshop, restaurants, and fast food. Takoradi Mall is a very accessible, convenient, clean, and secure shopping environment with over 350 parking bays. Locate Takoradi mall between the Takoradi-Cape Coast and Takoradi – Kwesimintim roads behind the Jubilee Park and 1 mile from the Takoradi airport. The mall serves over 600,000 inhabitants in, Beach Road, Chapel Hill, Windy Ridge, Airport Ridge, Anaji, Kwesimintim, Kwekuma, Fijai, Tanokrom, Effiakuma areas as well as Tarkwa, Essiama Axim, Cape Coast, Shama which fall within its primary and secondary catchment areas.

The mall conserves resources, allowing such tenants as Essenza, Shoprite, and Telefonica to avoid high utility bills.


West Hills Mall is one of the top shopping and hangout spots in Ghana as well as one of the most popular malls in the country. Located in Kasoa on the Accra-Cape Coast Highway, 15 miles from Kotoka International Airport and 11 miles from Kokrobite Beach. it is one of the biggest malls in West Africa span at 27,700 square meters in size, with parking for more than 1,500 cars. With more than 30 shops, including popular fashion brands like Edgar’s, Mango, Palace and Identity, 8 restaurants, 6 financial institutions, 4 Health and Beauty services, 2 major telecommunication services, 1 photo store, 1 cinema, and a playground for kids, West Hills is a must-see in Accra.

Asanka Local, located in the heart of Osu-Accra, Ghana on the Adjoate Road, is a massive food hall, serving all Ghanaian dishes simply and cost-effectively. The vast venue can accommodate at least 100 people. This is the place that the locals of Osu and other places like to go and just eat. The restaurant offers a vast selection of Ghanaian dishes. It’s an assuming place from the outside but once you enter the venue it seems to open up into what can only be described as a large open space with lots of chairs and tables. Some novices to Ghanaian food may find the menu challenging, but the waiters are always there to help. In most cases, offer to bring a smorgasbord of everything so that you can sample.

The Asanka local opens at 8 am every day until late. Asanka Local is ideal for large groups as you know that everyone will leave with their bellies full. Be prepared to eat the traditional way with your hand. “It is a great place to experiment with ordering something based on the name alone. The extensive menu provides no clues about content if you are not familiar with local foods, and the waiters at times seem committed to maintaining that mystery.  Usually replying with a smile and saying, “The risk is worth taking though, and you won’t leave hungry. 
The overall ambiance is casual and lively, with bright bottles of liquid soap adding a strangely beautiful glow to each table. Note: Your right hand replaces cutlery here when served in an earthenware bowl.

AZMERA is the home of authentic Ghanaian dishes and is located in Roman Ridge. As a people, our identity is shaped by our culture. And like the root of a tree, we are firmly strengthened by the values and elements of this identity. Who we are is not merely because of where we are from, but in all we do; the way we talk; the songs we sing and even the food we eat? At Azmera, we serve experiences of a rich Ghanaian culture, that’s spans across all 16 regions. From a steaming plate of aromatic Jollof served in plantain leaves, to the mouth-watering appeal of palm nut soup served in earthenware, our food is carefully prepared to your delight, leaving you with a taste of Ghana that can never be forgotten.

Our commitment to a safe dining experience remains a top priority as we take extra precautions to ensure a safe environment for all customers during these novel times. Customers are encouraged to do their bit to minimize contact and maintain social distancing rules by paying for orders online via our site or through Mobile Money platforms. Let’s endeavor to stay safe as we learn to live with COVID-19 and help curb the spread by staying home when we absolutely must.

The restaurant opens and closes at 11:00 am – 6:00 pm GMT respectively.

La Tante DC10 Restaurant is located inside a converted McDonnell Douglas DC-10 formerly used by the defunct Ghana Airways. Formerly flying 380 passengers, it has been converted into a 118-seat restaurant with large numbers of seats removed in order to provide adequate space for patrons and for the installation of dining tables. An annex was attached to the right side of the fuselage to accommodate the kitchen.

The airplane itself has been moved to Airport City, Accra, a suburb of Accra near Kotoka International Airport and opposite Marina Mall Accra, with people entering and exiting the plane/restaurant via a covered staircase from ground level. They enter through the former first-class seating area, which has been converted into a waiting area. Separate bathrooms have been installed for male and female diners and the restaurant is air-conditioned throughout.

The restaurant serves Ghanaian cuisine. These include staples such as spiced tilapia, served with banks, and a type of maize-based porridge. Other dishes include jollof rice with chicken and “red-red” black-eyed pea stew with fish. While prices at La Tante DC10 Restaurant are higher than those normally seen in the local area, the restaurant prices themselves are lower than the upmarket restaurants elsewhere in Accra.

The Honeysuckle located in Osu, a suburb of Accra, Ghana on the Ring-road and is a meeting place for families and sports lovers to enjoy food and socialize. Honeysuckle is 2.8 miles away from the Kotoka International Airport, 1.8 miles to the Independence arch, the Accra sports stadium, among other attractive places in the city of Accra. The property features amenities and services such as a smoking and non-smoking bar/lounge, a rooftop, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The pub is open from 9:00am – 11:30pm Monday – Saturday and from 9:00am- 10:30pm on Sundays. The kitchen is also open from 9:00am – 10:00pm on Monday-Saturday and from 9:00am- 9: 00pm on Sundays.