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Wa Naa’s Palaca

This 19th-century palace aside, being the oldest palace in Ghana skillfully blends Sudanese and Moorish architecture and still stands as stately and beautiful as the day it was built. The Palace is located in Wa the regional capital of the Upper West Region, Ghana. The building has large visible Y-shaped structures striking out the walls.
According to historical accounts of the Wala people, the nature of the wall is to serve as protection to their people especially those of the royal family from attacks. The Palace has many compounds which accommodate the numerous clans who have occupied the throne.
It is the official residence of the Wa Naa, Paramount Chief of the Walas.
In front of the Palace is the grave of Wa Naas.
Few of these exist due to scarcity of skilled artisans needed to undertake annual maintenance.
The official residence of the Wa Naa, the traditional chief of the Walas.
Standing stately as it was built